New Rules of Golf 2019
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In line with the new Rules of Golf 2019 we have redefined a number of areas on the course in line with the new definitions of Out of Bounds (OOB), Red and Yellow Penalty areas as follows:

3rd / 11th / 12th holes
Red stakes defining a ‘Red Penalty Area’ have been placed all the way round the wood on the LHS of each hole.

6th hole
The ‘Out of Bounds’ white stakes near the Carriage Drive and entrance to the car park have been moved to improve safety by reducing the area from which players may play over the cottages to the 6th green. From the OOB line on the tee side of the drive the OOB now goes in a diagonal line to the edge of the hedge at the front of the Ladies 1st tee.

7th hole
The OOB stakes on the RHS of the hole have been moved to include a greater area of play on the hole. The OOB stakes at the rear of the hole and top of the bank remain but it is intended to both grow the rough beyond the green to reduce the number of balls running OOB and to reduce the overhanging tree coverage to improve playability from behind the green.

8th hole
Red stakes define the Red Penalty area around the pond

12th hole
Red stakes define the Red Penalty area from behind the pump house to the bridge and from there to the back of the 15th green. On the other side of the stream the Red Penalty area extends as far as the boundary of the course. The yellow stakes define the Yellow penalty area where the stream crosses the hole.

14th hole
The yellow stakes define the Yellow penalty area where the stream crosses the hole. The OOB is now defined as the fence bordering the hole on the LHS of the hole all the way to Chelford Road and the path is defined as a natural path with no relief.

15th hole
The OOB is currently defined by white posts but will be replaced by a shallow ditch/channel in due course. A ball will then be OOB when it is either in or beyond the ditch.

16th hole
The Red penalty area is defined for practical reasons by ‘where the ground breaks’ on either side of the stream.

17th hole
The yellow stakes define the Yellow penalty area where the stream crosses the hole.

18th hole
White stakes define the OOB on the RHS, beyond the green and on the LHS where the hole meets the drive and car park.

Geoff Davison
Director of Green

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  • Mike Harrington wins County Title
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  • PGC Ranked 74th Best Course in England
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